Supporting a social mobilization effort to strengthen village development groups in Myanmar. Strategic Planning event for the Iraqi Legal Clinic Network Association Participatory Project Management Training Module in Zimbabwe Creating a participatory project planning meeting agenda with Afghan mobilizers. Program evaluation and strategic review, Haiti Newly trained facilitators work with 40 local NGO's to create a vision for the Iraq Access to Justice Project Partnering assessment for UNESCO Biosphere Reserves conservation program, Cat Bah Island, Vietnam Private sector and humanitarian agencies working  in partnership to promote mobile money innovations in London Women's group facilitators in Jalallabad, Afghanistan Participatory strategic planning results in a five year vision and  two year 'strategic directions' for this Phoenix company.

Six week training of ToP™ Facilitation Methods Trainers, Khujand, Tajikistan Facilitating strategic planning in Indonesia. Coaching mobilizers at a participatory project planning meeting in Afghanistan Facilitating a reflection on this professional networks' shared history. Innovation marketplace for program design in Palestine World Bank LAC Retreat Training of Trainers of Community Mobilizers A course in participatory event design for an internal co-hort of facilitators promoting more effective meeting culture agency wide. Program evaluation with humanitarian agency in Sri Lanka Community consultations with IDPs in Wasit, Iraq
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